Up Class

Until August 31, 2022, take advantage of our upgrade offers!

up class

Available in

Soleil Caraïbes


Classe soleil Classe Caraïbes



Per person
Per trip

or 6 000 MILES 12 000



Up Class Caraïbes Madras




Per person
Per trip

or 20 000 MILES 20 000



Up Class Soleil Madras




Per person
Per trip

or 25 000 MILES 50 000


When to buy?

On the day of departure and until the Check-In Deadline.

Where to buy?

Only at the airport.²

Treat yourself to more comfort by traveling in Caribbean Class (Premium Economy) or Madras (Business):

Particular conditions


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Terms of service

The purchase of a Madras Upgrade with Up Class allows access to the lounge and the Speed Pass and Speed Bag services.

Passengers purchasing an Up Class upgrade earn miles and keep the baggage allowance of their original class.

Please note: for access to higher classes, proper attire is required.

  • Offers subject to conditions and modifications without notice, subject to availability, changeable at the time of booking and non-refundable. Services valid on the transatlantic network, available according to the product and conditions on flights operated in code share with French bee
  • Service valid on transatlantic flights, depending on flight loadings.
  • To add additional services (after you have purchased your air ticket), please provide your reservation number and go to the "Manage my reservations" section of the website.
  • Please note: For purchases paid in foreign currency, an additional local tax may be added to the pre-tax amount of the products. For example, for flights departing from the Dominican Republic, the ITBIS tax of 18% is added to the selling price of our services.