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Saint-Martin Guide

Half-French, half-Dutch, Saint-Martin reveals its cosmopolitan face. In 1648, the colonists each peacefully allocated a section of the Antilles island to the other. The cohabitation of an array of populations over the centuries lends the island a unique character. Culture and a change of scene are at the heart of a trip to Saint-Martin.

Cul-de-Sac, the perfect stopover in the Lesser Antilles

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The name Cul-de-Sac gives a clue to the layout of this old fishing hamlet. Before being extended to Anse Marcel, the road led to a cul-de-sac. Today, the peaceful village invites you to enjoy the simplicity of its magnificent natural setting.


Between the white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, Cul-de-Sac has everything you would expect from a village on Saint Martin. With plenty of opportunities for relaxation and water sports, visitors are guaranteed an unforgettable stay in a enchanting setting. There is also mangrove swamp not too far away, home to many different animal species.


A few minutes by boat from Cul-de-Sac, the idyllic Pinel islet is renowned for its scuba diving spots and hiking trails. The nearby Tintamarre Island is the ideal destination for more seasoned adventurers. The only trace of human life on this island is an old plantation. Tranquillity reigns in this little desert.

Cul-de-Sac, the perfect stopover in the Lesser Antilles
Round trip Departure Paris ORY Arrival Saint-Martin - Juliana SXM
Flying from 682Including taxes

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