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Saint Lucia Guide

Located just south of Martinique, this small island has the Caribbean sea on its west coast and the Atlantic ocean on its east coast and is packed with idyllic beaches. A trip to Saint Lucia provides the perfect mix of relaxation and water sports. But that’s not its only selling points. Saint Lucia, part of the Windward Islands, is also a volcanic island covered in lush rainforests, making it a playground for nature lovers.

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Creole celebration and culture


Excursions in the center of the island are your opportunity to tour the coffee, cocoa, or banana plantations that make up one of the country’s main activities. The inhabitants’ legendary hospitality will enable you to explore the full abundance of Creole culture. To entertain you during your trip to Saint Lucia, don’t miss the famous Friday-evening celebrations, when music takes over the streets.


A stay on Saint Lucia under the emblem of love


The island is also renowned for offering vacations that are some of the most romantic in the world. In a postcard setting, it is indeed a favored destination for lovers, since it is possible to get married there after just two days of residence.

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A wealth of Creole culture
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