Saba Guide

A Dutch island situated in the north of the Caribbean, Saba is a destination where you will find absolute peace. This time, no lazing around on the beach for you! Saba is a destination for diving vacations and hikes in the tropical forest.

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Things to see and do on Saba

For hiking fans, why not venture to climb the 1064 steps leading to Mount Scenery? You will be thrilled to enjoy a panorama across the Caribbean Sea and breathe fresh air amid some extraordinary vegetation.


On the diving side, pick your variety of diving at one of the island’s various clubs and treat yourself to a little getaway. Among these clubs you will find the Saba National Marine Park, a unique site, where you can set off to encounter sharks and stingrays in the heart of corals and sponges.


For your comfort and a pleasant stay, Saba offers you an array of accommodations, from the budget to the ultra-luxurious. Indeed, you will have the choice between hotels, villas, or even cottages.


The best time to go to Saba

The periods between December and April are the most favorable for organizing a trip to Saba.

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Fresh air and Extraordinary vegetation
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