Dominica Guide

The island of Dominica, with Martinique to the south and the Guadeloupe archipelago to the north, is a country and island of the Caribbean archipelago. It offers sublime landscapes and impressive explorations, from its capital Roseau to its world natural heritage. Explorations and festivities will guide your stay on Dominica.

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The Nature Island


Le Morne Trois Pitons, the natural world heritage site of the Lesser Antilles, has lots in store for you to explore, such as the second largest boiling lake on the planet.

You will also be able to walk along a 115 mile-long hiking trail, divided into fourteen segments, the Waitukubuli National Trail.


trip to Dominica will allow you to explore many more facets of its nature, as will its fruit and vegetable markets that release exotic flavors into the air.


A combination of festivities

Music has an important role in the culture and traditions of the island of Dominica. This will make sure that your stay is always festive; indeed, several months of the year are given over to celebrations.


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A combination of festivities