Curaçao Guide

BONBINI! That’s how you say welcome on Curaçao. Come spend some pleasant stays at minimal prices on the splendid beaches of Curaçao. Here are 2 beaches you really need to get to know:

The intimate KENEPA Beach is one of the island’s most beautiful. Edged by white sand, this magnificent site with crystalline waters will bring color to your vacation for a memorable stay.

Daaibooi Beach is found alongside cliffs where you will be able to enjoy an unbeatable view across the site.

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The island’s culture


Besides child-friendly beaches, Curaçao is renowned for its brightly colored homes. So enjoy a visit to Willemstad, the capital, which is notable through its colonial architecture and numerous museums. Indeed, Willemstad is the embodiment of the island’s culture, as seen through its forts, its synagogue, and its historical buildings.


Couples: indulge in the luxury of sealing your love and simultaneously leaving a souvenir of your vacation on the symbolic Queen Emma bridge. Also enjoy Curaçao’s romantic settings by treating yourself to massages, and candlelit dinners in the top restaurants.


It’s the ideal location for your vacation, and our flights to the jewel of the ABC islands will have you looking forward to a reduced-price stay. Our flights departing metropolitan France will give you a pre-taster of your vacation with meals decked in Caribbean colors. What’s more, stays in Curaçao’s various hotels offer high quality, guaranteeing you peace of mind.


Do you know Curaçao bleu, the island’s famous liquor obtained by distilling orange peel? Use your vacation as your opportunity to get carried away by the unique blue of Curaçao in conjunction with the taste of bitter orange.

The ideal periods for vacations on Curaçao:


The climate is sunny and hot throughout the year. To make the most of your vacation, give priority to departure between February and May.


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A unique blue

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