Aruba Guide

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Time you took a vacation? Consider a stay on Aruba.


Aruba, the Spanish for “Red Gold”, is a sun-drenched paradise island, close to Venezuela.

Bare of tropical vegetation, but boasting a wealth of outstanding fauna, Aruba abounds in sunny beaches and white sand.

It’s an excellent vacation destination for fans of watersports, diving, and hiking too, and for all those seeking a romantic setting. Numerous happy couples have said “I do” on Aruba.

A trip to Aruba offers the opportunity to have fun or relax. A joy for families and couples alike.


Things to see and do

During your stay, you will discover the island’s highest point, Mount Jamanota, along with its colonial architecture.


Other sites to visit:


  • The Alto Vista chapel
  • The Arikok national park
  • The local market


Party-lovers will enjoy the bars, discotheques and casinos, as well as high-quality cuisine lovingly prepared by the hotels’ own chefs.


When to go


Plan departures to Aruba by booking your airplane tickets at a competitive fare. The best times for a trip to Aruba: give priority to stays between December and June to start with.

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