The NavigAIR Offer

Visuel - Securité
  • In the case of boat or flight delay, booking at no extra cost guaranteed on the next boat or flight available.
  • Cost of a night's stay in a hotel if necessary (except in cases of force majeure).


Visuel - Sérénité
  • Possibility to go to the main desk of the shipping company (navigAIR) of Dominica, Saintes or Marie-Galante until 20 min. before the boat's departure.
  • At the Guadeloupe Pôle Caraïbes airport, baggage check-in is provided at a counter in a priority area.


Visuel - Economie
  • Choosing the combined navigAIR ticket offers you more advantages and is more convenient than buying a plane ticket, a boat ticket and a transfer separately.
  • With the navigAIR scheme, everything is included!



Air Caraïbes and its maritime partner companies offer you a simple solution to travel between Paris and the Islands:  AIRPLANE + SHUTTLE + BOAT (valid in both directions). 

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• At Paris Orly Airport Terminal 4, present your flight boarding pass and your voucher to be exchanged at the shipping company’s front desk (navigAIR).
• Collect your baggage and follow the signs for navigAIR once arrived at the Guadeloupe Pôle Caraïbes Airport. The navigAIR shuttle is located at exit No. 3 (near the Pharmacy and the stairs). This shuttle provides free transfer to the ferry Terminal (departure is coordinated with the boat departures).
• Arriving at the ferry terminal, go to the maritime company’s (navigAIR) counter to collect your boat ticket, with your voucher, your travel memo and your ID.

The boat ticket is only validated once you have flown.

Carte NavigAir

Photo exit 3 Pole Caraïbes


Air Caraïbes takes care of transporting your baggage to the baggage conveyor of your final destination.
You are then responsible for transporting them from the airport to your arrival Terminal.





• Go to the maritime company’s (navigAIR) counter, with your travel memo and ID to collect your boat ticket.
• Once you have arrived at the ferry terminal, collect your luggage and take the free navigAIR shuttle which will take you to the airport.
• Once at the airport, follow the signs for NavigAir to the priority treatment area. Present your boarding pass and check in your baggage on the flight to Paris Orly Terminal 4.


NOTA BENE : The flight ticket is only validated once you have made your boat trip!


Valise You are responsible for transporting your baggage until you arrive at the check-in counter at the airport.
For safety reasons, baggage is not checked in at the station, but only at the airport on the day of departure.

  • Flight and boat bookings must be made at the same time. It is not possible to book the flight first and to add the boat route afterwards.
    NavigAIR bookings are accessible up to 48h before departure.
    Maritime company discounts not applicable.
    Unaccompanied children (UM) and young persons with assistance (UMZZ) are not eligible for navigAIR.


I travel with a pet, what are the special conditions?

Passengers can travel with animals in the cabin (PETC) and in the hold (AVIH - 1 maximum of 100 cm in length) on a navigAIR route. Payment for the transport of animals must be made by the passenger on the day of departure at the shipping company's counter.
> I consult the special conditions of acceptance on board L'Express des îles !

L'Express des îles authorizes the following quotas per route and on departure:
- Grand Bourg de Marie-Galante: 1 dog in the hold and 1 dog in the cabin.
- Les Saintes : 1 dog in the hold and 1 dog in the cabin
- Dominica: Animals are not allowed.

Is NavigAIR accessible to people with reduced mobility?

NavigAIR is accessible to passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) or requiring assistance (which will be made available from their point of departure to their point of arrival).
The shipping company offers free assistance at the ferry terminal for any passenger who requests it:
- mentally handicapped ;
- deaf or hard of hearing traveller;
- blind or visually impaired traveller;
- elderly travellers or travellers who have difficulty moving around;
- pregnant women and/or women with babies.

Passengers must request this assistance at the departure counter of the shipping company or at Air Caraïbes if the flight precedes the maritime service.

Civilian disabled persons holding a card with a degree of disability of at least 80% can travel by boat with a guide or assistance dog, (accepted free of charge and without a ticket on the boat).

Transfer airport > ferry terminal: passengers must however be able to board the shuttle to get to their seat.

Wheelchair users (UFR)
Special booking arrangements will need to be made for passengers travelling with wheelchairs.
Passengers must be able to sit in a seat (boat and shuttle).
The personal wheelchair must be foldable and can be placed in the luggage compartment. Only wheelchairs with a width of less than 75 cm in the unfolded position, a length of less than 120 cm and the total weight of the wheelchair + passenger included not exceeding 300 kg (otherwise the electric access platform to the boat would not work) are accepted.
No passenger transport with full assistance.

The elements to be provided for each request are :
- Civility, name and surname of the passenger
- Contact: telephone number and if possible e-mail address
- Need assistance: type of chair (electric or manual) / Client transferable/non-transferable
- presence of an accompanying person (name/first name)

These services are offered free of charge.

Reservations must be made no later than 72 hours before departure.

Is it easy to retrieve my travel documents?

You will be able to go to the ferry terminal, up to 20 minutes before the departure of your boat, in order to pick up your boat ticket + shuttle + plane.

Bicycle, windsurfing... what are the transportation arrangements for special luggage?

> I consult the luggage constraints on board L'Express des îles!
> I consult the luggage constraints on board Deher !

How much luggage am I entitled to?

Remember to check your baggage allowance before your departure.
The baggage allowance applies according to the class of travel:
- Baggage allowance in the hold :
- 2 pieces of luggage of 32 kg in Madras
- 2 luggage of 23 kg in the Caribbean
- 1 luggage of 23 kg in the Sun (Smart and Flex rates).
- Oversized luggage: not accepted.
> Find out more about the Air Caraïbes baggage allowance!