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Cuba Guide

Nantes - Cuba

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Make the most of our special offers and set off on a cheap flight to Cuba with Air Caraïbes


Thanks to the TGV AIR package deal brought to you by Air Caraïbes and SNCF, your train will depart from the Nantes railway station (at the TGV AIR desk) and arrive at Massy TGV railway station (average journey time between Nantes and Paris by train: between 2 hours 15 minutes and 2 hours 45 minutes) where a shuttle will be waiting for you (please see the procedure on the TGV AIR offer page). This shuttle will take you to Paris Orly 4 where you will take off to José-Martí International Airport (Havana) or Antonio Maceo Airport (Santiago de Cuba).


The average flight time between Paris Orly Airport and Cuba is 10 hours.

Nantes - Cuba

During your flight, a variety of entertainment is available to you on board. You can also enjoy our different travel classes and find out their different prices. While you are waiting to board your flight, you can browse the duty free zone and also benefit from great prices on a range of products.


Air Caraïbes offers two flights per week to Cuba from Paris Orly Airport.

For long-haul flights, our fleet is made up of different types of aircrafts, including the Airbus A330-300, A330-200 et A350.


Cuba is an island state in the Caribbean and was an old Spanish colony between 1492 and 1898. Santiago de Cuba, located around 497 miles east of Havana, became the capital of Cuba in 1522. It only remained the capital for around 30 years before Havana become the country’s official political and economical capital. Although the two cities share a unique cultural authenticity, they differ in their history and the way their people live.


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