Martinique Guide

Emerging from the heart of the arc of the Caribbean, the island of Martinique is part of the Lesser Antilles. From its dreamy beaches to its tropical forests, it offers breathtaking panoramas. In its towns, the traces of the rich island history are omnipresent. Relaxation and leisure are the keywords of your stay on Martinique.


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The island of natural grandeur


Known as the “Island of Women” or the “Island of Flowers”, Martinique unfolds an outstanding array of landscapes. The expanses of white sand in the South and the black beaches in the North are veritable invitations to take a dip, a pleasure throughout the year. Inland, you will find sugarcane, banana, and vanilla plantations... This abundant nature presents the opportunity for countless hikes.


trip to Martinique is also your chance to explore a cultural heritage that bears the mark of cross-fertilization, as demonstrated by the museums and the cathedral of Saint-Louis in the island’s capital, Fort-de-France.


A mosaic of flavors

To sample local products during a stay on Martinique, you need to make your way to the fish and meat markets... while not forgetting to savor the fruity rum. Revel in the colors and scents of a lively atmosphere.


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The Diamond Island
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