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Prime Class Lounge - Paris Orly 4


The Prime Class lounge, open daily from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., offers a panoramic view of the runways at Paris Orly 4 and a choice of quality services.

With a surface area of 375m² and 105 seats, it is located near your boarding gate. 

This private space allows you to work or relax away from the hustle and bustle of the terminal. Spacious and modern, this lounge has free wifi.

A range of light meals and hot and cold drinks are available on a self-service basis. 

Enjoy this moment in peace: an announcement will warn you of the start of your flight's boarding.


Prime Class lounge

The VIP Lounge - Guadeloupe - Pôle Caraïbes

A cozy atmosphere, warm colors and the comfort of designer furniture, all come together to make a relaxing lounge that makes waiting for your airplane a pleasant and tranquil experience.


You can make phone calls, relax or work in peace. Magazines and international newspapers will also be available to you, as well as self-service snacks and hot and cold drinks.


Take advantage of this quiet time: an announcement will let you know when your flight begins boarding.


Conditions of access: Lounge access is available to our passengers flying in Madras Class (collect your invitation card when checking in at the Madras counter).

VIP Lounge Pôle Caraïbes




    Take advantage of this cocoon to work in all serenity or relax according to your desires before your departure.

    A selection of magazines and newspapers will be offered to you as well as snacks and hot and cold drinks proposed in self-service.

    An announcement will warn you when your flight starts boarding.

    The VIP Lounge - Félix Éboué, Cayenne

    At Cayenne Félix Eboué airport, Air Caraïbes welcomes its Madras and Lounge Pass passengers in its dedicated lounge, close to the boarding gate, with a breathtaking view of the aircraft.


    We invite you to join us in this large, bright and modern lounge. You will find a selection of national and local newspapers, access to television, and a wide choice of beverages accompanied by small snacks.


    Enjoy this moment in peace: an announcement will warn you of the start of your flight's boarding.

    VIP Lounge Félix Éboué