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In-flight entertainment

Flipbook Mars - Avril 2021

Your onboard video program

Movies, music, games... choose from a wide selection of entertainment. New releases, must-have hits and wild parties... with 200 hours of entertainment, you'll never see the time go by!



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The movie show starts whenever you want!

There are films that you love, those that make you laugh or cry every time and that you never tire of seeing again... You can select them and you will have the pleasure of seeing them on board our planes in the cult films section.



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Your meditation session with Little Bamboo

Whether you are stressed by air travel or simply looking for fulfillment on board, Air Caraïbes offers a wide range of relaxing music in its in-flight entertainment program, as well as meditation modules in partnership with the well-known application Petit Bambou. Four in-flight meditation sessions are offered to passengers, as well as a more general meditation known as "the bird".

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Our "Ti Moun" service

Air Caraïbes offre all children aged 2 to 11 years old a rich activity kit (travel kit, coloring, games, reading...) on board all its transatlantic flights. There is no shortage of entertainment on board for these young travelers either, with games offered on touch screens and a whole "kids" section reserved for them in the video programming.

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Kid’s meal arrangements: 

- If your child is aged 2 to 8: a kid’s meal tray will automatically be brought to them during the flight. 
- Your child aged over 8: an adult meal tray will be brought to them during the flight. To request a children's meal tray free of charge, please contact our booking center (0820 835 835 835 (€0.12/min)) or your usual point of sale.

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