A simple, fast, secure an totally eco-friendly service!


No need to print a paper copy of your ticket. Book your ticket as usual on our website, order and pay online and receive confirmation of your

trip (with your order summary) directly to your email address. That's it!


No more paper receipts.


If you do not wish to book online do not hesitate to contact our booking center at 0820 835 835 (€0.12/min).


You can pay for your trip by credit or debit card.


At the airport, go directly to the Air Caraïbes check-in desk, and simply present your identification.


You will immediately be given your boarding pass.

simple service

More information about your reservation


  • Booking number: This is an alphanumeric code of 6 characters, for example: 8L6YTK

  • Be careful not to confuse 0 and O or I and L. You will find this code under "Booking Number" or "Booking ref" in your ticket. If you have not received your e-ticket receipt, please contact our booking center at 0820 835 835 (€0.12/min) or at one of our points of sale. You can also contact our team on Facebook or Twitter.


  • E-Ticket number: This is a series of numbers in the format "Document 427-1234567890" or "Ticket number 427-1234567890"


  • Bill: When buying your ticket online, you will receive 2 documents, a booking confirmation and a receipt (e-ticket receipt).

This is your purchase confirmation (complete summary) and bill (one per passenger). Be sure to keep hold of these as they may be requested by some organizations. Information on taxes and charges is summarized at the foot of this document.
If you have not received this document or if you want to request a fee bill or a cancellation, please contact our services here.



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