Cutoff times

The check-in time corresponds to the time from which the passenger may register their baggage at our counters.

For security reasons, the traveler must be present at baggage check-in.


REMEMBER: check-in for flights departing from Pointe-à-Pitre and Fort-de-France to Paris Orly Terminal 4 starts 4 hours before flight departure.

Continuous check-in for all flights departing from Paris Orly Terminal 4.


*For flights departing from Paris, continuous check-in available between the first and last Air Caraïbes flights of the day.

Check-in times

Transatlantic network;
Regional network

Departing from Paris: 4 hours prior to departure*

Departing from Guadeloupe and Martinique: 4 hours prior to departure

Departing from other transatlantic destinations: 4 hours prior to departure

Medium haul: 2 hours prior to departure

Short haul: 1.5 hours prior to departure

Collection of train ticket and boarding card:

at the station on the day of departure up to 20 minutes prior to departure of the train

The Check-in Deadline (CID) refers to the time limit after which, in the case of the passenger not showing up at the counter, permission to board the flight will no longer be guaranteed.

In case of no show before the Check-in Deadline, registration and boarding are no longer guaranteed, round-trip reservations will automatically be canceled and available seats will be offered to passengers on the waiting list.

We ask the passenger to read the cutoff times on their e-ticket.


*Beyond these times, seat reservations will be canceled.

Check-in deadlines

Transatlantic network;
Regional network

1.5 hours prior to departure

Santo Domingo:

60 minutes prior to departure*

Pointe-à-Pitre, Fort-de-France, Saint Martin, Saint Lucia: 

30 minutes prior to departure*

20 minutes prior to departure

An SMS alert will be provided in the case of a plane delay (from 2 hours, provided that the customer’s mobile number has been provided during booking).





For a punctual departure, boarding begins 1.5 hours before departure time. After check-in, we invite passengers to proceed directly to the boarding lounge. If the traveler is not present at the departure gate 30 minutes before departure time, they will will not be accepted on the flight.


To save time, the passenger may use the online check-in service.


We wish all our passengers a pleasant journey and thank them for their collaboration.