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Cuba Guide

Champagne TGV - Cuba

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Make the most of our special offers and book your Paris-Cuba flight.


With the TGV AIR package deal brought to you by Air Caraïbes and SNCF, your train will depart from the Champagne-Ardenne TGV railway station (from the TGV AIR desk) and arrive at Massy TGV railway station (average journey time by train between 1 hour 45 minutes and 2 hour 45 minutes) where a shuttle will be waiting for you (please see the procedure on the TGV AIR offer page). This shuttle will take you to Paris Orly 4 where you will take off to José-Martí International Airport (Havana) or Antonio Maceo Airport (Santiago de Cuba). The average flight time for a direct flight from Paris Orly Airport to Cuba is 10 hours.


Air Caraïbes offers a range of services in order to better facilitate your trip. Thanks to our partnership with you can also book a hotel anywhere on the island.


Picture of Cuba

In Cuba’s capital, locals and tourists from all over the island gather by the seafront, on the famous Malecón promenade to watch the dancers in their dazzling, glittery costumes which retrace the island’s history of slavery, recalling the celebrations held by the slaves on their rare days of rest.

Participants start planning for these festivities months beforehand to prepare their costumes and floats, and the groups of dancers - the “comparsas” spend weeks rehearsing for the big day.

A essential part of Cuba’s cultural tradition, the festival takes place during the summer and is one of the island’s main attractions. Men and women come together to rejoice in the infectious atmosphere of drumming and conga lines.